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Vélo Law settles claim in excess of £2.18 Million

Posted 28.04.16 | By Vélo Law

Vélo Law settled Paul’s claim in excess of £2.18 Million, when a car driver pulled out of a give way and collided with his motorbike.

The accident occurred when Paul was riding his Suzuki SV 1000 SZ K5 motorbike along a main road, when a car driver failed to see him approaching, and exited a give way and collided with him. Paul was thrown from his motorbike and then struck by another vehicle.

Vélo Law acted for Paul on a No win – No fee, meaning that he did not have to worry about pursuing a claim.

After my accident, my wife was obviously very upset and confused. Vélo Law visited us at the hospital and then our home, to ensure that my rehabilitation treatment started immediately. They also helped my wife deal with the legal work, and took away any pressure and stress from her. Vélo Law have been by our side throughout my claim. They dealt with all the medical experts from day one, and they also kept us updated with the legal side of my claim. I am extremely happy with Vélo Law and the settlement and can now get on with getting my life back on track.


Paul suffered serious and multiple injuries including:

a) A moderately severe brain injury which caused loss of consciousness for approximately 14 days which subsequently affected his ability of speech. He developed and continued to show difficulties with memory, impaired word finding, stammer, fatigue and short temper.
b) An open fracture of the left leg and foot causing continuing disability.
c) An injury to the right shoulder with continuing disability.

Vélo Law instructed and managed the following medical experts for Paul’s rehabilitation:

a) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon dealing with the lower limb injuries
b) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon dealing with the upper limb injuries
c) Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation
d) Consultant Neurologist
e) Consultant Psychiatrist
f) Neuropsychologist
g) Care Needs expert
h) Accommodation Expert
i) Occupational Therapist
j) Life Expectancy Expert

Vélo Law helped Paul get through the difficult times and put in place a substantial level of regular rehabilitation, including speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and psychology treatment.

Vélo Law ensured that the Defendant agreed to pay Paul damages in the global sum of £2.18 Million.

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