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Stop Your Bike from Being Stolen This Winter

Posted 23.11.16 | By Dan Smith

It has been reported that for the year to June 2015, there was an increase in motorcycle thefts in Britain for the first time in the past five years, with the recovery rate for those machines that are stolen, also getting worse. With only 40% of stolen bikes reclaimed, it does not look good if your bike goes missing. With this in mind, we have put together some tips to make sure that your bike is secure when you are not in the saddle.


Make Sure That You’re Doing Something

Sounds obvious, right? Yes, we know, but you’ve got to do something to make your pride and joy secure. First and foremost, make sure to engage the steering lock, and any other security device that the bike has present. Your ignition and steering locks are often separate, and this means that thieves have two locks to tackle before taking your bike. A large number of riders don’t even do this, and it’s almost an invitation for your bike to be taken. Another straightforward tactic is to park your bike somewhere that is well lit, it’s an immediate deterrent and doesn’t take a minute for you to find.


Lock Up

Further reinforcement to your bike security are worthwhile investments. Stop your bike being walked off by fitting a chain around your frame and rear wheel, while a disc lock adds another layer to protection. Combine this with a cable and secure it to something solid, and you’ll have the ultimate deterrent. You should always attached the lock through the frame, and to have the bike up away from the ground. This will be more difficult for a thief to get enough leverage to crack the lock.


Track it Down

This can be an expensive addition, but a tracking device can certainly be worth its weight in gold, if it means you’re able to locate your bike. Make sure to do your research on this fancy bit of kit, it’s important that you pick up the right equipment. This is a must have if you are the owner of a super bike or classic machine. Finding a bike when it has been concealed is difficult, but with one of these beauties it makes it a lot easier.


Add Your Stripes

This isn’t something that provides any added enforcement to your bike, but certainly can act as an effective deterrent. If you make your pride and joy identifiable, add stickers, covert marking, and invisible DNA. This marks will make it stand out for police if it is reclaimed, even if normal identification has been removed, and spare parts have been added, by the thieves after being stolen.


Cover Up

If you don’t have a garage, or are parking your bike out and about, keep your machine covered up. The less your bike is seen, the more difficult it will be for thieves to gauge the value of bike that they could steal, and would take valuable time for them to cut it off. They are easy to carry around, and well worth the extra time to fit when you’ve parked up.


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