Motorbike Injuries

One of the biggest concerns for a motorcyclist is to suffer injury while riding, something that can forever play on the mind. Travelling on two wheels adds to a level of vulnerability when sharing the road with larger vehicles, and the risk of injury can be a very real one.

Here at Vélo Law, we understand just how much damage your body can receive on the road, and have an extensive range of different plans and coverage available to bring you piece of mind while sat in the saddle.

These wounds can be both physical and mental, with trauma suffered on a number of levels, ranging from those that can do lasting damage, such as spinal or head and brain injuries; to sprains, grazes and whiplash which can put you out of action for a matter of weeks or months; while psychological injuries may require counselling; and it’s not just the driver that can be affected, pillion passengers might be involved, as well.


What we do

When it comes to motorcycle injuries, feel safe in our hands while you are recuperating and recovering. Our team operate a range of services, including a No Win No Fee claims policy to establish whether you have suffered an injury as an innocent victim in the last three years. Make sure to get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

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