Head and brain injuries

Head and brain injuries

The seriousness of a head or brain injury means only the best possible legal expertise should be employed, if you are to get the right level of compensation and support.

Even when wearing a helmet, it is still possible to sustain a serious head or brain injury in a road accident. From a minor concussion to an injury that could impact the rest of your life, a specialist personal injury solicitor like Vélo should always be employed for a head and brain injury claim. We’re the experts and, having successfully handled many cases of this type over the years, we know how to give you the best chance of success as well as the physical and psychological support you will need.

If you are a family member of a person involved in an accident and they are unable to make a claim because of their injuries, we will work with you to recover compensation. In such circumstances, you are not on your own. We are here to provide the advice and support you need. If you are considering making a claim for compensation, speak to one of our specialists for a free no-obligation chat.

What we do

We make pursuing a compensation claim for a head or brain injury as easy as can be, with expert advice and an inside knowledge of the support required. At Vélo, we take all the hassle out of making a claim, allowing you to concentrate on recuperating from your accident.

What our clients say…

“The team at Velo were very responsive, very pleasant to deal with and kept me fully informed throughout my claim”

Mr D Humphery, East London

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