Diesel Spills Claims

Diesel Spills Claims

Diesel spills are a serious threat to a rider’s safety. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN make a claim if a diesel spill caused your accident and it can be proved that negligence was to blame.

Many motorcyclists miss out on compensation they are entitled to because they are either unaware or don’t believe that someone can be held to account for an accident caused by diesel or oil on the road. If it can be proved more likely than not, that the negligence of an untraced road user caused you to lose control of your motorbike, for example by overfilling a fuel tank or failing to secure the fuel cap, then you have a case. We at Vélo are specialists in this type of claim.

It’s a shocking statistic, but diesel spills are responsible for more accidents out on the roads than ice. Diesel and oil is especially dangerous when the road is wet, as rainwater lifts a spillage from within the surface to the top – right where your tyres need to grip to keep you upright.

What we do

Our No Win No Fee claims service for diesel spills claims is geared to making life easier for you in your time of need. We do not charge you for our work on lost cases and we recover our legal costs from the losing party, or their insurer, when we win the case.

What our clients say…

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and guidance in helping me to recover from my accident, and settling my claim for personal injury.”

Mr H Shaw, East London

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