Defective Road and Pothole Claims

Defective Road and Pothole Claims

Potholes and other significant road defects can play a part, or even cause accidents, for motorcyclists.

In a defective road case you could be seeking recompense for injuries and a damaged bike from the local council or the Highways Agency. Councils are responsible for most minor roads in their constituency and the Highways Agency maintains major trunk roads and motorways.

While councils and the Highways Agency can’t guarantee that every road surface is in perfect condition they do have a duty to carry out regular checks and repair defects within certain time frames. So if they have neglected their duties you may be entitled to compensation.

What we do

At Vélo Law we can assess whether the road defect played a significant part in your accident and whether you have a valid claim against the authority responsible for maintenance.

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“The team at Vélo were very responsive, very pleasant to deal with and kept me fully informed throughout my claim”

Mr D Humphery, East London

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