Motorbike Accidents

Seemingly no matter how much care is taken on the roads by motorbike riders, there are always accidents. These can of course range from a whole array of symptoms, from the slight nick your motorcycle might receive from a car careering past to a full blown crash and everything in between.

Here at Vélo Law, we know how to secure maximum personal injury claims and make sure you get all the support you need. We’ve got a great range of coverage to ensure that no matter the situation, you are protected and both you and your pride and joy will be back on the road as quickly as possible.

When considering just what a motorcycle accident consists of, the list is a lengthy one. We look into factors such as defective roads, which are often littered with potholes, while diesel spills can often provoke dangerous riding situations, and accidents can occur that affect both the rider and pillion passengers.

What we do

We operate a range of services, ranging from a No Win No Fee claims policy for road traffic claims to fatal accidents. Make sure to explore all of our accident and injury pages to discover more about the options available, and to speak to a member of our team for more advice. We offer free home visit with a no obligation consultation.

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