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The World’s Most Dangerous Motorcycling Routes

Posted 30.11.16 | By Dan Smith

We know how a change in the weather and seasons can impact the riding conditions, with icy, wet and wintry weather making even the calmest roads an accident risk. Around the world are some fantastically fast and technical stretches, which offer some of the most dangerous routes. We have compiled a collection of some of the most exciting roads, that get even more treacherous in the winter.


Blue Ridge Parkway

This American Highway offers some of the most spectacular views of the Appalachian Mountains over the course of its 469 miles. But alongside the scenery, it is the tight hair pin corners, steep gradients and narrow stretches that can make it a tricky ride, not to mention its tendency to become treacherous in the winter. Snow and ice are commonplace, and with the thick layers of tree cover, it takes a while to thaw and shift. The speed limit is 45mph for a reason, here, and when the road gets less hospitable and dangerous, it creeps down to 25mph in parts. It’s certainly a place to explore slowly.


Keylong to Kishtwar Road

Reported in our national press as being ‘the world’s most dangerous road’, the Keylong to Kishtwar Road offers a spot of unpredictability to riding. Running for a length of 145 miles, this Indian mountain pass is worryingly narrow, lacking in barriers and protection from the elements, not to mention the fact that it’s up thousands of feet and liable to become slippery and almost uncontrollably wet during wet weather. It’s one to see and to ride slowly enough to be able to tell the tale afterwards.


Scottish Peril

This 10 mile A809 route between Croftamie and Milngavie sits in the west of Scotland, and has been noted as the most dangerous road of motorbikes in the country. It has the highest percentage of head-on-collisions and motorcycle accidents in the UK, with 46% of all its accidents involving motorcyclists, from 2010-2012. It saw 39 serious and fatal accidents there between 2007 and 2012, and is a commuter hotspot. Watch out here in winter, it gets icy as well as busy.


Stelvio Pass

How could we write this post without not mentioning the Stelvio Pass. This winding Italian Alp route contains 48 hair pin turns up to its 2,757 metre peak, and offers a massive challenge for riders winding both up and down its remarkable route. It’s not one for high speeds in best of conditions, so if you’re contending with paying this playground a visit this winter, go easy.

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