Head Injuries

Head Injuries

Head injuries after cycling accidents affect more than 40% of cyclists. The severity of the injury itself can range from hairline fractures to severe brain damage.

An injury to the head can have serious effect on other parts of the body, sometimes leading to further emotional or physical injury. Concussion is often a common outcome from a cycling accident, leaving the rider with a temporary loss of brain function. However, if the cyclists or vehicle the cyclist impacts are going at high speed, the chances increase of more serious injury.

Severe head trauma can lead to blood clots and internal bleeding which can, in turn, lead to brain damage which could have a long-lasting impact on your life.

What we do

We can arrange for a specialist to assess your injury and advise on the best treatment to allow you to return to your daily life. At Vélo Law we will use this information to ensure that you receive compensation to cover the cost of this treatment.

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“I will be recommending your firm to my friends and family. Your team were very fast in responding back to me and efficient in dealing with my claim. Excellent service.”

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