Component Failure

Component Failure

Faulty components can be as much of a threat to cyclists as other vehicles, on the road, if they fail due to faulty parts, negligent fitting or inadequate repair by professionals.

If you were injured, because your bike failed you, Vélo Law can secure funds to repair your bike effectively and get you back on the road in safety.

Despite there being legislation in place to ensure that components are to a specific standard unfortunately on occasion faults do occur or professionals do not take the care they should. Each element of your bike is essential to safe riding and balance and in some cases components, like carbon fibre component crank arms can fail unseen and without warning.

What we do

At Vélo Law, we can lead you through the complicated realm of design and manufacturing cases; so that all you have to worry about is recovering from your injury, and making sure your bicycle doesn’t fail you in the future.

What our clients say…

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and guidance in helping me to recover from my accident, and settling my claim for personal injury.”

Mr H Shaw, East London

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