Collar Bone Injuries

Collar Bone Injuries

One of the most common injuries sustained by cyclists during an accident is a broken collarbone (or clavicle). This is often caused by extending the arm to break a fall and the force travelling through the arm up to the shoulder.

Collarbone injuries vary in severity. You could have a hairline fracture without even realising you were injured; a simple fracture which should heal in a cast or a compound fracture – where the bone has fractured in a few different places – which may be harder to heal.

What we do

We can arrange for a specialist orthopaedic surgeon to assess your injury and advise on the best treatment to allow you to return to your daily life. At Vélo Law we will use this information to ensure that you receive compensation to cover the cost of this treatment.

You may also have associated costs to recover like the cost of a clavicle brace or strap, which is a support that is used to improve the healing of your collar bone.

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“I will be recommending your firm to my friends and family. Your team were very fast in responding back to me and efficient in dealing with my claim. Excellent service.”

Mrs S Smith, London

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