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5 steps to getting back on your bicycle

Posted 07.10.15 | By Vélo Law

If you are one of the unlucky 19,000 cyclists hurt in road accidents every year one of your priorities will be getting on with your life and back on your bike.

But what steps do you need to take to repair or replace your bike with out being out of pocket?

1. Photographing the damage to your bicycle and clothing

At Vélo Law we will need photographic evidence of the damage to your bike and clothing, or even better, at the roadside where the accident took place. A camera phone image will suffice.

2. Watching out for more subtle damage

There might not be any obvious visible damage to your bicycle but the impact could have loosened one of the components. So be careful if you are attempting to get straight back onto your bike. Or after a bump to the head your helmet may not be in a safe condition.

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3. Taking your damaged bike to a reputable bike shop to be assessed

This is an important step in getting your bicycle repaired or replaced or even in your personal injury case. Bicycle experts can even determine which angle the impact during the accident came from. At Vélo Law can help you arrange this or you can bring this proof with you.

4. Digging out the original receipt (if available)

Obviously you know that the bicycle you were riding during your accident belongs to you but the defendant’s insurance company or solicitor doesn’t. The original receipt may also give an indication of the state of the bicycle when you purchased it and in the case of a faulty bicycle this proof is even more vital.

5. Making a record of out of pocket expenses

If you have to pay bus and train fares because you can no longer cycle to work (for instance) then you could be reimbursed for these. Any expenses will need to be reasonable though; a limousine taxi is not a usual alternative to a bicycle.

We can help you with this process and we will not charge you for taking a look at your case. With Vélo Law you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Simply complete our form and we will let you know if your claim is likely to succeed.


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