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Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

Posted 26.05.16 | By Dan Smith

Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

The newspapers are talking about this summer being a scorcher, with some touting the hottest temperatures on record. With this in mind, we’ve got some great tips to make sure you stay cool in the saddle when it starts to heat up.

Don’t flash the flesh

As Brits it sounds wrong to us to stay covered up when the sun’s out, but it’ll make you much more comfortable on your bike, battling against the heat. Isolated patches of skin are much more difficult to cool down, especially as you’re travelling at speed, and you’ll dehydrate more quickly. So follow the lead of the Tuareg people’s footsteps, who combat the Saharan heat with full head-to-toe coverage, and stay fresh.


The rush of cold air through your hair is a welcome one, and gives a nice boost. There’s a great selection of sartorial options out there for the summer months, with helmets and jackets fitted with vents to maximise airflow. Perfect for being able to unzip and unwind.

Take five

Stopping sounds simple, doesn’t it, but it’s surprising how easy it can be to keep going if you’re in your groove. When the mercury rises so does the chance of heatstroke and exhaustion. Don’t worry about slowing down the rest of the gang or breaking up the ride, five minutes in a shaded spot will keep you on track for the long term.

Perfect H20

You wouldn’t let you bike run on fumes, so why should you. Staying hydrated is so important for your wellbeing, and ensures you’ll be able to stay focused and at your best in the touring inferno. For easy access, use a camel pack bladder backpack, you’ll have water by a tube in your helmet 24/7, but don’t forget to refill regularly. You can also use water to keep your clothes colder. Soak your suit before heading out, or wear a wet bandana – trust us you won’t regret it.

Enjoy it

Summer, as we all know, doesn’t last forever in this country, so make the most of it while it’s here. Whether it’s a leisurely cruise to the shops, or a weekend’s adventure bask in the sunshine and enjoy the open road.

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