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Rehabilitation: the sooner the better

Posted 07.10.15 | By Vélo Law

After a serious accident seeking legal representation may not seem like a priority. But could it actually fast track your rehabilitation?

After being injured, on your bike, early rehabilitation is key. Most patients quite rightly seek NHS treatment first but the NHSs long waiting lists for rehabilitation can delay your recovery, in some cases. This is where a solicitor armed with the Rehabilitation Code can make a real difference to your future.

But what is the Rehabilitation code?

The Code, first introduced in 2007 by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), encourages lawyers on both sides of a personal injury claim to work together and put you, as an injured person, first. This includes you receiving funding for rehabilitation as soon as possible even before the other side has accepted liability.

This can be particularly important in road traffic accidents as the other side may not be able to accept liability until they have seen a police report or other documents. This means that the legal process doesn’t delay your recovery and while Vélo Law seeks your compensation you can concentrate on getting better.

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The code was updated this year and from December there will be new responsibilities so that the NHS and private healthcare providers have to work together.

It also puts a duty on solicitors to ensure that any private rehabilitation providers are accredited. As solicitors we will also need to consider the use of social services care and the fact that social services may recoup the cost of care from damages when the claim is settled.

So if you want to get your recovery started as quickly as possible and make sure you don’t end up with unexpected bills get in touch.

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