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Move Somewhere Motorbike Mad

Posted 16.06.16 | By Dan Smith

The safety of motorcyclists varies from city to city and country to country, so if you’ve experienced an accident and are thinking about moving somewhere a little more motorbike friendly, there’s plenty of options to choose from. We’ve come up with a selection of places which are more focused on the safety and wellbeing of their two-wheeled motorists – hope you enjoy the list!



The glorious Atlantic coast city of Vigo sits in the north west of Spain and is well known for its beautiful beaches, football club and historic architecture. What we feel everyone should know, however, is just how motorcycle focused this part of Galicia is.

In 2015, the city made the pioneering decision to create dedicated motorbike lanes running between those for cars, which reduces the risk of cars suddenly turning or colliding with bikers – this is a first for a city in Spain. The mayor there has also pledged to abolish taxation on bikes under 125cc and reduce it by 50% for other bikes. This is not a normal city – they are well and truly bike lovers.



Following the findings of a European study commissioned in 2011, this Australian city has taken on quite a revolutionary approach to the world of motorbikes. In an attempt to reduce congestion, the motor vehicles of a two wheeled variety are given preferential treatment over cars and trucks in Melbourne’s inner city, with increased numbers of paid car-parking becoming free scooter spaces. It can also lay claim to being the only capital city in Australia where a motorcycle can be legally parked on a footpath. Whisper it quietly, but motorbikes are taking over!


South Dakota

Before you say ‘where?!’, this is a state where there are 12 people for every motorcycle, which is higher than the American average by 66%. Deep in the mid-west, despite having a tiny population of around 800,000, it’s home to almost 70,000 motorcycles, and hosts one of the largest rallies in the world.

Last August marked the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – the biggest one yet –  and saw one million people head to the bijou Black Hills town for the six-day event. This fiesta has to be seen to believed, truly it’s cycle-topia!

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