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How I Learned To Leave The Car and Love Motorbikes

Posted 03.05.16 | By Dan Smith

How I Learned To Leave The Car and Love Motorbikes

There’s that moment every rider has where it just clicks. You yearn to get back on the bike whenever you’re not riding it, you hate the confines of a car and you start weighing up whether a new bike is on the horizon or if you stick with Ol’ Faithful.

At Velo Law, we love our bikes so we thought we’d take a look at exactly why the motorbike is so appealing and continues to get more and more popular.

Good for your wallet

OK, when you’re spending loads on accessories and other bits and bobs to make that perfect ride, it might not be that friendly to the bank account. But the biggest cost for most cars comes from petrol. Luckily, motorbikes use a lot less petrol and can often take you quite far per gallon. That means more money for all those accessories!

Bye bye traffic jams

So long as you’re careful, traffic jams can start to feel like an urban myth once you start filtering through traffic. No more anger at being stuck in one place for too long. You might still have to deal with other irate drivers but, with a bit of care, you can leave them behind no problem.

All in it together

There’s a real feeling of camaraderie among those that ride motorcycles. There’s nothing quite like teaming up with a bunch of like-minded people and setting out on a ride together. Even if you’re not part of a club, which is a great opportunity to meet new friends, there’s still that bond between riders that can turn strangers into your new riding buddy.

Make a scene

Riders have much more room to express their individuality and their own personal cool. Whether that’s through your bike itself or the gear you wear, there’s a lot more you can do to stand out that just putting up a furry dice and some headlight eyelashes…


Really, when you truly think about, this one word is what is the sole reason why we love motorbikes so much. When you head out on two wheels, you feel so much more in tune with your surroundings. You can feel the wind rushing by and actually see everything there is to see. It’s a feeling like no other and it’s really what keeps us hopping on our bikes time and time again. Adventure.

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