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Go explore the UK this summer

Posted 07.06.16 | By Dan Smith

So it’s here, summer, at last. Typically, we wait quite a while for it to finally come through and then never make the most of it. With this in mind, here’s our five favourite roads to ride in the UK during the next couple of months.


Hardknott Pass, Lake District

This is perhaps the most challenging route we’ve got in our part of the world, one that really tests the reactions and confidence of a rider. It’s a steep, meandering passage to the near 400 metre summit that steepens at a gradient of around 1 in 3. Hardknott Pass has been described as ‘the most difficult road in Britain’ because of its hairpin bends and single track. Trust us, though, it’s worth the effort.


The Antrim Coast Road (A2) Northern Ireland

A marvelous 123-mile stretch that runs round Northern Ireland’s north eastern stretch from Belfast to Derry on the border. This glorious ride takes in some of the country’s most eye-catching scenery, often hugging the coast, cruising past Garron Point and The Giant’s Causeway. The NW200 is held in this area, so you’ll be able to enjoy your very own time-trial, but don’t forget it’s still a public road; there might be a car steaming round that tight bend, so stay vigilant.


The Cat and Fiddle – Buxton to Macclesfield (Peak District)

This is the corner aficionado’s dream ticket, a course that seems to bend here and there at will throughout a seven-mile stretch, named after the pub at its midpoint. It has a strict 50MPH limit due to its busy-ness, the abundance of local sheep that have a tendency to tread on the road, and tighter than tight bends. Whatever your level and experience, this is one to try out in the summer months and test yourself on.


Clee Hill – The A4117 (Shropshire)

Take on the Shropshire hills, cruising from Ludlow to Cleobury, and enjoy an epic descent or two. Titterstone Clee Hill is home to the route’s most magnificent views at a height of over 450 metres above sea level, with the Welsh mountains and Malvern Hills constant companions along your journey.


Glasgow to Inverness – The A82 (Scotland)

Scotland is jam-packed full of fantastic riding for motorcyclists, with this passage the jewel in the crown. You’ll wind alongside Loch Lomond, cruise past Fort William and then head on to Nessie and the famous Loch before checking into Inverness just over four hours later. The road opens up around Glen Coe, so hold on to your helmet and enjoy the freedom of the route.

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