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Get more eyes on the road

Posted 20.05.16 | By Dan Smith

Get more eyes on the road

These days, helmet cameras are no longer the reserve of extreme sports junkies wanting to capture their latest BASE jump or ski run. You’re just as likely to see the little lightweight cameras strapped to the helmets of cyclists and riders out on the road now. Though cyclists are more likely to utilise them due to the greater danger of injury, more riders are starting to get in on the action.


Should you join the crowd and strap a camera to your helmet?

For most riders, a helmet camera can provide great evidence in the case of an accident that wasn’t your fault. Filming in a public space is legal and the footage captured by the camera can be used as evidence and help get a pay-out or a conviction.

Of course, if the accident was your fault, you’ve also got that recorded too.

Helmet cameras are also a great way to capture your favourite rides. There’s a huge community of riders who upload their rides to YouTube for the world to see. It’s such an easy, hands-free way to preserve the stunning scenery and winding roads so you can look back for years to come.

With the flexibility that comes with mounted cameras too, you can capture loads of different angles that you might otherwise miss when you’re concentrating on the road ahead. Each mounting location has their own benefits, so find the right one for you or mix it up every ride to record even more.

The main barrier of entry, however, can be price. Many of the good cameras, that are easy to use and give you crisp HD quality images, can cost upwards of £400. It’s especially frustrating if you want to test one out but don’t have one you can borrow to see if they’re right for you.

If you’re willing to buy second hand or buy older models, however, you might be able to find a camera that does everything you want for a fraction of the price.


But which camera do you go for?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, the market is full of action cameras and it can be slightly intimidating.

Realistically, though, GoPro have pretty much cornered the market on the action camera world. Over the years, they’ve set a standard that many of their competitors have struggled to reach. Loaded with features, sturdy and reliable, and with plenty of mounting options, a great GoPro has everything you need.

If you want to try something else, the Garmin VIRB range is a worthy competitor for a slightly lower price. With the ability to record data as you film, such as G-force and altitude, it’s a fun little addition for when images of your ride just aren’t enough.

There are plenty of options out there, so take some time and find that one that has everything want in a mounted camera for your next ride.

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