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The King Of The Commute

Posted 25.04.16 | By Dan Smith

The King Of The Commute

Remember a time when commutes were a hellish experience? Stuck in a hot car or packed in a sweaty train with sardines in a tin can, fuelled only by a quick cup of coffee.

Hopefully, since hopping on your bike, you’ve said long gone to those days. Being able to weave among the traffic makes avoiding traffic jams so much easier. But filtering is still not the best option. It’s time to streamline your commute!

All the gear

A daily commute often means we can’t plan when we want to ride so you need to be prepared for all weathers. Even if it’s gloriously sunny at 8am, by the time you leave work, the weather could have changed dramatically. Make sure you have the right clothes to get you through. A top case can be extremely handy for keeping everything with you, and also a pretty good way to carry your work clothes too.

Plan in advance

It’s common sense really but checking local traffic updates before you head out can save you a lot of time in the long run. Avoiding accidents, jams and other commuter woes can reduce all the stress from your journey. Why not try leaving home earlier or a little bit later? Even ten minutes either side of your usual time could mean you avoid all the morning and evening congestion.

Mix up your route

The shortest route might not necessarily be the quickest route, so you could be wasting much more time than you think. Carefully considering other routes could shave a whole lot of time off your commute, and can freshen up your commute. Plus, if one route is busy, you’ll have a few back ups ready so you’re not stuck manoeuvring through a jam.

Don’t risk bad weather

Simply, if the weather is not great, treat it like you would any other ride. Don’t feel like you have to hop on your bike to get to work. Take the bus, get a lift or, if you still have a car, drive to work. It’s so much safer.

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