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Blame it on the weatherman

Posted 21.03.16 | By Dan Smith

Blame it on the weatherman – Making sure your ride is waterproof

The weather is unpredictable, more so if you’re riding in the UK where you can see at least 4 different types of weather in the space of 10 minutes, so it’s best to prepared for any eventuality.

There’s little worse than heading out for a ride in the sun to then get ambushed with a surprise shower that will soak you to the bone. It’s especially bad if that pesky rain seeps into your backpack too; ruining your lunch or anything else important you might be carrying.

Waterproof jackets

When you know the weather is going to turn against you, a waterproof jacket is your best friend. Practical and stylish, a great waterproof jacket is a mix of form and function to ensure you’re still looking good while you remain bone dry. Taking into account a number of fashionable elements, and with a variety of designs on offer, it’s a much more attractive option.


Though perhaps not as fashionable, a waterproof oversuit is a key addition to your biking gear when you want to be prepared for nasty weather. Thanks to their lightweight design, you can easily roll them up into your backpack for when the heavens open. Plus, it’ll cover your legs too, so your entire body can stay dry even at high speeds. Make sure you opt for an oversuit with breathable materials, however, as a cheap one could make you soggier still from your own sweat.


Your bog standard gloves just aren’t going to cut it when faced with the elements. A set of Gore-tex gloves are perfect for keeping the water and out and the heat in in. Plus they’re fantastic protection should anything happen on your ride.


Whether it’s a bunch of papers, your favourite book or just a nice pack of sandwiches, it’s not great to open your backpack and just see a wet mess in there. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers have a loose idea of what the term “waterproof” actually means, you make sure you consult reviews so you know you’re getting what you pay for.

Alternatively, invest in a storage option to attach to your bike. A soft top box could give you more room for your things and, with a waterproof cover, keep all your belongings dry too.

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